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Sale die Mila (Production of salt)

The human being needs salt in moderation, just as he needs water to drink or the wine to stimulate the mind. The expert in herbs, called Mila, manufactures own salt mixes based on own special recipes. A relaxed hiking tour combined with a visit at Mila is a highlight during holidays in Tuscany.

sale die mila1

Mila is using just pure salt from Servia and refines it with selected herbs. She likes telling her secrets to guests that watch her during the production process of the delicacy. One being for example that her salt doesn’t taste as bitter, and therefore is more pleasant than the salt from the Atlantic. All herbs she is using, are also cultivated by herself. In total, 28 medicinal herbs such as various sorts of rosemary, sage and mint are making Mila’s salt something unique.

Through the gentle treatment of the herbs, ethereal oils are being released. That’s the secret to “Sale di Mila” which you will taste, no matter what you use the salt for. -   Phone.: +49 170 1630888    Contact    Drive   Privacy PolicyImprint